June 25, 2016
7 months and 29 days since
our Reunion.
King Family
King Family
King/Allen Family
King/Allen Family
King/Allen family
King/Allen family
Reunion 2011
Reunion 2011


Reunion 2016


Saturday June 25, 2016
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Multi-Purpose Room
200 West Anderson Lane
Austin, Texas 78752-1197

$15 per person

You may pay by credit card on the "buy tickets" tab
(a charge of 1.60 is charged by myevent for this service)
we prefer you to mail a check payable to Vikette Reunion
c/o Patti Marshall Slaughter
113 Parkwood  
Levelland, Texas  79336

Debut of first annual Vikette Beaus. They did an amazing job!  Top row L-R Mark Simpson, John King, Randy Owens, Billy R
Debut of first annual Vikette Beaus. They did an amazing job! Top row L-R Mark Simpson, John King, Randy Owens, Billy Robertson bottom L-R Rick Artus, Glenn Frey, Marvin Ragsdale.
For every order that mentions "Vikette Reunion" , Lucy Doo will donate 15% of that sale to the Vikette fund. This is a continuous fundraiser that can be ordered off the website or at the reunion. Have fun shopping!

Reunion 2011
Reunion 2011

All RSVP's (yes or no) received by June 13, 2016, will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of many prizes!
Reunion 2011 ~ Vikette Song
Reunion 2011 ~ Vikette Song

Reunion 2010
Reunion 2010

Hello and welcome to the Valkyrie & Vikette Alumni website! We're glad that you are here and hope you enjoy your visit back in time! This website is a work in progress, so please check back often as it will change daily. Please email us your favorite photos and trivia questions so we may upload them and attempt to span as many years as possible! We hope you will fill out the alumni questionnaire to include your picture!

If you have not heard from your class representative, please contact them by email (listed below) so we can keep the class databases updated from year to year! Please check the missing classmates’ page to help us locate everyone!

Enjoy your trip back in time and please add your photos by clicking on the "Photo Album" tab and then "add photos"
We can add 1000 photos so feel free to add as many as you would like!


1967 -        Bonnie Bruce Schroeder -     bschroeder@austin.rr.com     

1968 -        Irene Guardiola DeLeon -       igdeleo@yahoo.com

                    Mary Jane Campbell Kelly -    mjcampbell1950@yahoo.com

1969 -        Norah Bradley Linder -             cmandnl@aol.com

1970 -        Sherri Cook Jander-                  Sherricamp@gmail.com

1971 -       Carmen De La Cruz Rocco  -  ajgoza@pol.net

 1972 -      Gayle Manning Ayres -             gayle_ayers@yahoo.com

                    Kay Burditt Gooch -                  Kay.gooch@austinisd.org

1973 -        Bonnie Foreman Hudspeth -   Bonnie.Hudspeth@tasb.org

1974 -        Open

1975 -        Kelli King -                                 kelliking1016@sbcglobal.net

1976 -        Shawna Riordan Dukes -       shawna.dukes@sbcglobal.net

                    Kerri Campbell Renouf -         krenouf@benbarnesgroup.com

1977 -        Rene' Jennings Romell -         rromell@austin.rr.com  

1978 -        Dawn Dunahoo Crider  -          dawn.crider46@gmail.com

                    Leslee Roberts Malcom -        scottandleslee@aol.com

1979 -        Terry Rogers Jefferson -           terry.rogers@consolidated.com

1980 -        Dianna Jergins Howell -           diannahowell@sbcglobal.net

                    Denise Wolff Dugan -                rddugan@gmail.com                

1981 -        Michelle Wall Davis -                  benzchick43@yahoo.com

1982 -        Kate Chafin Robertson-             kategregparker@gmail.com  

1983-         Rachel Farabee Halls -              rachel_halls@att.net

1990-93     Kristina Thompson Grizzard-    Kristinagrizzard@gmail.com







Valkyries & Vikettes
Valkyries & Vikettes


Reunion 2010 - The Vikette song
Reunion 2010 - The Vikette song
Ladder routine in 1977
Ladder routine in 1977

Will everyone here kindly step to the rear and let the Vikettes lead the way,

Everyone knows that wherever we go, we’ll steal the show, the audience they really love us,

Follow along cuz we’re coming on strong, we’re the pride of the USA (and the world),

We’ll dawn our cute hats and our bright shiny smiles, they’ll say all the while…..

Well everyone here kindly step to the rear and let the Vikettes lead the way!

Spring Show 1976 - Captain Patti Marshall as Peter Pan
Spring Show 1976 - Captain Patti Marshall as Peter Pan

Alma Mater

All hail to thee, O Noble Alma Mater.
All hail to thee, with grateful hearts we sing.
Our hopes and prayers for thee are full of promise.
Our homage true to thee we bring.
Our gold and white will always stand forever.
The spirit of Lanier will always live.
Again we lift our voices with our praises,
And pledge our loyal love in song!

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The ladder
The piano
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